Thursday, January 10, 2008

maxwellize your abilities

here is an author whom I learned many practical ways of improving once self. i am talking about the famous leadership guru John C. Maxwell. ever since I started reading his books, I can't stop but read and read. before I finish one book it leads me to buying another one.

he always finds ways in motivating people in everyway he can. he has already written around 57 books selling 13million copies. many people read his book and are now achieving things in the aspect of leadership. from sports to work, from community to business.

in his books, he shares people's experience of achieving things. the most important word here is experience. this the keyword in every John Maxwell's book on leadership. as of this time, I was able to read 7 of his books, 4 from last year. Here's the list:
1. 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
2. Think On These Things
3. Developing the Leaders Around You
4. The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader
5. 25 Ways to Win with People
6. 17 Essential Qualities of a Teamplayer
7. Failing Forward
and able to read these books, it inspires me to improve myself even more. thank God I was born when John Maxwell already wrote these books. To start the year I will be reading The 360 Degree Leader. this one is very special because I bought this from Maui for P250 only (book is in very good conditon) it is being sold for P500 in the bookstore. another blessing. most of John Maxwell's books ranges from P350 - P500. thanks Maui. in our community there are 5 of us reading John's books and I highly recommend you to read his books.

I am naming John Maxwell as the best author for me for 2007. he simply teaches me to maxwellize my abilities.

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honey said...

hahha, so funny..
i have known that my father has been desperately buying books lately about leadership and management..
i used to dig upon his collections, sometimes grab some books that merely catches my eye, but lately haven't found the interest to look upon them. now, that i've read your entry, i tried rummaging over his latest-bought ones, and walla! 2 John Maxwell books!

1. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
2. Becoming a Person of Influence

i think i should start flipping the pages now, hehehhe,



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