Thursday, January 17, 2008

dying in mission

I remember the death of Fr. Roel Gallardo. a Claretian priest in the island of Basilan. I was still there in Basilan during that time when the abu sayaff kidnapped some students of a school in Lantawan Basilan aand one of them was Fr. Gallardo. Some were killed and tortured while most of the students survived after an encounter with the military. The dead bodies were brought to our parish church and there I saw the bodies of the victims. half of Fr. Gallardo’s head was pressed (skull was crushed) while the other victims have no arms, other female teachers has one of their breast cut. that’s why I will never forget those times.

now it happened again but this time in Tawi-Tawi. Fr. Roda was killed yesterday after his prayer time in a school in Tawi –Twai to which he was serving. despite the help that ,missionaries like Fr. Roda are extending, from education to daily service, this is what they get in return. in his case, he was giving scholarships to students, helping out with the community and even trying to unite the Muslims and Christians in the area.

we have already seen similar deaths. He is already the third priest killed in Tawi-Tawi. most of the time, we just forget them and so through my blog, I hope Fr. Roda will be remembered for his mission.

Fr. Reynaldo Jesus Roda
1954 - 2008

mission offered to the people of Tawi-Tawi in God’s name.

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honey said...

it's saddening to hear these stories, that despite the devotion and selfless giving of oneself to serve God's people, there are those who blindly persecute the faithful ones...
but as it was said, we are to offer our lives and our deaths to God,

may they always be remembered, not for their tragic deaths, but how they touched people's lives through their works of charity and benevolence.



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