Tuesday, January 15, 2008

pugad baboy - online interview with Pol Medina Jr

here's an online interview with Pol Medina jr. He is the artist of Pugad Baboy. One of the Philippine's most popular running comic strips which is published in Inquirer newspaper. This was 5years ago. this was first published in my old website. knowing how well he has maintained in doing funny strips, I just can't stop my self in posting it here. here goes...

the dong: How do you spend your freetime?
Pol: Most of my freetime arte spent with my kids. I try to squeeze in a little Aikido once in a while.

the dong:What are other things that you enjoy doing other than making comics strips?
Pol: I'm into racquet sports and martial arts.
the dong:How many comic strips do you finish in a day?
Pol: I used to make two, even three a day. With my kids running around me all the time I can only manage one a day.

the dong: How do you manage what strip to put on the newspaper? Do you have someone who picks the best strip or you simply pick the one thatclosely relates to todays issues?
Pol:You mean how do I pick material for my strips? I watch the news and read allthe time. I also hang out with funny people.

the dong:Who are your influences in drawing?
Pol:Dick Giordano and Jack Kirby--both comic book artists. I used to draw like them. Cartooning was not my thing then.

the dong: If ever someone will offer you to do a pugad baboy series in english for international release (although pugad baboy is released internationally in tagalog) would you accept it? And would you consider changing the title?
Pol: I'd accept it but I won't change the title.

the dong: How is the comic industry in the philippines?
Pol: Beats me. I don't believe in stats and surveys.

the dong: Have you experience someone from the showbiz industry or just from the ordinary people who asked you to include them as a character in Pugad Baboy?(other than your neighbors and relatives whom most of your characters were based)
Pol: Nope. I suppose they don't need the extra exposure.

the dong: How does it feel now that you finished 14 issues of pugad baboy and allother special issues?
Pol: I always feel like I'm just starting out. That way I retain the passion I have for my craft.

the dong: What are your plans for next year?
Pol: The same as last year-make more books.
the dong: How do you see pugad baboy in the next 10 years?
Pol: I never look that far ahead. I try to reinvent myself everyday so no one cantell me that I've gone full circle.

the dong: thanks Pol.

Pol has now finished 19comic book collection.

more power to the filipino artists.


rEcca said...

hello tanong ko lang po kung alam mo email ad ni pol medina.?kasi kelangan po namin siya mainterview for our thesis, kahit online interview lang din.jaz email me na lang po sa guess_17_who@yahoo or thanks po. sana mkreply po kau sa email ko salamat.

escape said...

hi recca,

I can't track his old email because it was almost five years when i did this online interview. maybe the best thing is to try to contact
azrael, i think he emailed and met pol medina lately. check this out:

just send him a message on the guestbook.

Good luck on your interview.

Anonymous said...

hi. i'm one avid fan of Pol Medina.

I've read a lot of his works, though I don't own one. My younger sister bought some of them. I do enjoy his comic stips.. walang kapantay. especially the way he courageously mention big names from politics and celebrities na hindi ko masyadong nkikita sa ibang mga writers dito.. freedom of speech? hehe..

do you know how old is he now?

Unknown said...

i like his work! grabe, parang limitless yung creativity niya when it comes to coming up with good and funny material for his comic strip. galing!

fortuitous faery said...

i love pol medina jr.! i have his latest book, XX! i even admired his editorial cartoons for inquirer. he should keep doing it.

mommy_already said...

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But i must say, although the brand qube is quite new, it's really affordable they're only selling for 109.75 for men's and for ladies ( oh yeah, i forgot to mention, they have flip flops for ladies with pugad baboy characters designs too ) and they're only selling it for 99.75. And the designs, what should i say? Really nice.

So for all my husband's fellow pugad baboy/pol medina fans, i guess now's the time for you guys to hunt the metro's department stores for your pugad baboy flip flops!
I heard these slippers are LIMITED EDITION only.

Good luck! Happy hunting!!!

Heads up: SM Department stores are not carrying these slippers. TOO BAD FOR THEM!

7a'faR said...

nice post!!


Unknown said...

anybody knows how to contact mr. paul medina, we would like to invite him in one of our affairs in United Architect of the Philippines.

thanks in advance.

you may email me at

Ichan said...

Pol Medina is a Legend! his comics never fail to make me laugh!


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