Thursday, January 24, 2008

cloning hitler

yesterday i went to Vira mall in Greenhills and when i passed by Booksale, i saw this book The Boys From Brazil from a book of compilations of different stories in the past. this one was written by Ira Levin who also wrote Stepford Wives. he died last year November 12, 2007 from a heart attack. i read this book 5years ago when my brother recommended me to read this. this is about Hitler being cloned by Dr. Josef Mengele and was able to clone multiple Hitlers in different places. can it be stopped? better read the book. this is considered as one of the first books to have used cloning in the story. this was first published in 1976. you can buy this for only P58 at Booksale. here's how this book looks like from the cover.

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honey said...

there are so much wonderful things to read about...
heheh, i could drown myself with books and be much elated after,



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